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    Aegean Türkiye

    The Narcissus Legend in İzmir

    Narcissus, “Nergis” in Turkish, is a beautiful and wonderfully smelling flower, grow in İzmir. Mordoğan region in İzmir's Karaburun district is the natural growing area of this flower. Narcissus, as a winter flower, blooms in February. This flower got its name from a mythological story. And in İzmir, you can listen this story by tour guides and by even locals.

    Underwater World in Muğla

    The discovery of the underwater world in Muğla dates to ancient times. One of the most important means of livelihood of the Bodrum Peninsula is spongeTürkiye is also known with its significant contribution to the development of underwater archaeology and tourism.

    Especially the Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris coasts are among the most suitable diving spots with their archaeological history and richness of underwater flora and fauna.

    In addition to benefiting from the sea and the sun as much as possible with the blue voyage, underwater dives can be made on the coast of Muğla, which extends to the Mediterranean Sea, and sea lovers can see the secrets of thousands of years underwater and the natural beauty of marine life.

    Yörük Ali Efe Stories in Aydın

    The heroic stories of Aydın, especially Yörük Ali Efe, the secret heroes of the national struggle, who contributed greatly to the victory of the National Struggle, have a special place. In Aydın, which is known as the Land of Efes, Efes have turned into a cultural element and way of life rather than being the symbol of the city. You can listen to the stories of Yörük Ali Efe, one of the greatest heroes of the war, the symbol of the struggle and the folk hero born in Sultanhisar.

    You can go on a historical journey by listening to the stories of the ancient city of Miletus, the Temple of Apollo in Aydın, which stands out with its rich historical and cultural heritage, and the mythological stories conveyed throughout history.

    Zeybek Havası in Denizli

    The Zeybek style, which represents the story of resistance and struggle against injustice of the Efe who has an important place in Anatolian culture and folk tales, appears as a regular folklore item in Denizli and its regions. Zeybek style, which creates a rich melodic structure with various instrumental and vocal sounds, are played with drum-zurna, drum-clarinet or meydan sazı (string instrument) and darbuka. Popular in different regions of Denizli, Tavas Zeybeği tells the heroic stories of the people with its unique melody, clothes, and slow figures. This cultural heritage, passed down through generations, has been included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

    Mesir Paste Festival in Manisa

    Mesir Macunu (Sultan’s Paste) Festival is a large festival that consists of reviving various traditional practices for over 470 years in Manisa city centre as well as a programme full of activities, fun and joy. People from Manisa have a deep emotional attachment to this festival. Do not miss the local carnival of Mesir paste throwing moment; it is the most popular and memorable one!   

    İbrahim Alimoğlu Music Centre in Afyonkarahisar

    İbrahim Alimoğlu Music Centre, which is the biggest music museum of our country, operates under the Afyonkarahisar University State Conservatory. All the many different types of instruments, radio, gramophone, and turntable with a history of hundreds of years, antique works and personal items of our artists who have made significant contributions to our culture are exhibited here.

    Minstrel Literature in Uşak

    The folk poets, described as Living Human Treasures and representing the culture of minstrelsy to make it more renowned, are very important cultural values that continue to be preserved in the region. There are fun moments in the nights when Call-and-Response Duets are organized.

    Legend of Sarıkız in Kütahya

    According to legend, young daughter of the house was trapped in the water that filled the cave where they lived. This cave-shaped house in the legend is the Boyalık Bath (Boyalık Termali), known as the big bath in Ilıca today. It is widely believed that Sarıkız appears to the good-hearted, gentle, and kind people who come to the bath. According to another legend, one day a good-hearted woman who goes to the bath faints due to the heat and falls into the pool of the bath. She sees a hole at the bottom of the water, and when she passes through it, a beautiful blonde girl appears in a small chamber. This girl who reads the Quran saves her.