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  • 10 vibes for Aegean

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    Experience the windsurfing in İzmir

    Constant wind makes Alaçatı, the small holiday town in Çeşme district, the perfect location for windsurfers. Alaçatı welcomes windsurfers from all over the world mostly between May and September. In this period, Alaçatı hosts national and international races and tournaments. There are also windsurfing schools here for those who want to give windsurfing a try - the calm sea and shallow water make Alaçatı the perfect place to learn!

    Discover the small villages of Marmaris by mountain bike in Muğla

    Marmaris is the host of the most beautiful images that you can imagine. The small villages hide between the virgin bays and pine forests. And the best way to discover these villages is riding a mountain bike! Marmaris offers the mountain bike routes for all cyclists. You can ride between the blue flag beaches with a flat route or you can push the limits of your legs on hilly roads encircled by forests.

    Do hiking and trekking in Dilek Peninsula National Park in Aydın

    The region, starting from Dilek Peninsula and continuing to Karina, extending to Büyük Menderes River and Bafa Lake, is one of the most suitable places for trekking. In addition, the Büyük Menderes Delta National Park is suitable for trekking with its rich plant diversity and wildlife.

    Admire the world-renowned Demirci and Gördes rugs in Manisa

    Anatolian women used high-quality natural materials like madder, wool and silk to weave rugs, and illustrated daily life with regional and local motifs that came to life through their creativity. Look under the bonnet and admire world-renowned Demirci and Gördes rugs.

    Listen the voice of Denizli Rooster in Denizli

    The symbol of Denizli, the Denizli Rooster, a natural breed unique to the region, holds a privileged place with its harmonious color and its voice that can crow for 20-30 seconds. Besides its long and beautiful crowing, it also attracts attention with its fabulous beauty and noble stance. According to the tone of the Denizli Rooster’s voice, it is divided into a reedy, bass and deep voice. 

    Taste cherry and sour cherry in Afyonkarahisar

    Fruit growing is highly developed in Afyonkarahisar due to the prevalence of irrigable lands. Sultandağı and Çay districts and Erkmen town are the leading regions where cherry, sour cherry and apple production is common. These products grown in Afyon contribute significantly to the economy of the district, city and country. In particular, the product called Napoleon cherry is exported to countries such as France, Germany, Netherland and England.

    Visit the Archeology Museum in Uşak

    The Archeology Museum of Uşak, which has been serving in the same building for about 48 years, has taken its place among modern museums by moving to the location of the train station after the completion of the new museum building. The museum consists of three floors and 43,000 collections and 2,000 artifacts are exhibited. The first floor is reserved for archaeological artifacts in Uşak, the second floor is for money and the history of money, and the third floor is for the Lydian period and the Treasures of Karun. The Winged Seahorse Pin, one of the most valuable pieces of the Karun Treasures, is exhibited here.

    Heal in the thermal facilities in Kütahya

    Kütahya is very ricy in terms of thermal spring waters. You will find many massage and therapy alternatives in the facilities that are intertwined with nature in the region and are known to be greatly beneficial for health.

    Rise the adrenaline level by paragliding in Muğla

    Landing on the white sands of Ölüdeniz is spectacular. And the topography guarantees a calm, slow, and easy final descent as the winds here is light and the beachfront is long.

    However, this doesn't mean it's without excitement! Babadağ in Fethiye district of Muğla is almost 2,000 meters high, so you'll have to make sure you're dressed warmly since there's ice year-round at the top. It takes about 30 minutes to paraglide all the way down to the bottom, and in that time, whether with a pilot or on your own, you can make 360 degree turns, wingovers, and find the best lift in a thermal so as to extend your descent.

    Explore a frequent destinations for gourmets, Urla in İzmir

    Located 40 km west of İzmir, Urla hosts the bays where the turquoise sea of İzmir is the calmest. It is a frequent destination for gourmets! 

    Urla is famous for the Urla Karası grape and the Urla Wine Route. In the local vineyards you can experience delicacies with wonderful local wines, and fine dining restaurants with “farm-to-table” concepts. Urla is especially famous for dishes prepared with roasted herbs and Urla artichokes.

    The first olive oil production facility of Anatolia is also located in Urla. The olive oil ateliers in the ancient Ionic city of Klazomenai stand witness to the beginning of the tradition of producing quality olive oil in Urla - a tradition that continues to this day.